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Certificate in Emotional Intelligence



The Professional Certificate in Emotional Intelligence is a comprehensive six week course that enables participants to build a powerful EI repertoire that can significantly lift performance in academics, work settings, social relationships, health, and wellbeing. Participants learn and engage with a range of EI strategies and receive weekly feedback on their progress. Participants meet once a week for a three hour class over six consecutive weeks. 


  • Introduction to EI

  • Self Awareness

  • Empathy

  • Motivation

  • Self Control

  • Resilience

Key Features:

  • Evidence based training

  • Assessments in key areas of EI

  • Personalised EI workbook

  • Engaging and interactive training methodology


You will learn:

  • To increase your self awareness and self esteem.

  • To be more self confident and secure in relationships

  • To use strategies to significantly increase your motivation.

  • To effectively deal with destructive emotions.

  • To recognising and managing Amygdala Hijacks.

  • To enhance success in academics and at work.

  • To enrich your social relationships.

  • To enhance your wellbeing in life.

  • To increase your emotional stability in life.

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