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       ELATE Leadership Diploma



The  ELATE leadership Diploma provides participants with 90 hours of classroom study that focuses on developing participants skills in five key areas:  Positive Psychology (the science of happiness and wellbeing),  Emotional Intelligence (the science of human emotions), Mindfulness, (the science and art of living “in” and “enjoying” the present moment), Social Intelligence  (the science of positive social  relationships) and Influence & Persuasion skills (the science of influencing oneself and others).


The ELATE leadership Diploma is attained upon successful completion of  30 modules in the five core ELATE domains: positive psychology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, social intelligence and influence and persuasion skills. This is accomplished by completing the professional certificate courses in all five ELATE core areas.  The Diploma is typically completed in 12 months. 



  • Positive Emotions

  • Flow/Engagement

  • Positive Relationships

  • Meaning in Life

  • Accomplishment in Life

  • Positive Health

  • Introduction to EI

  • Empathy

  • Motivation

  • Resilience

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Control

  • Intro to Mindfulness

  • Mindful Awareness

  • Mindful Emotions

  • Mindful Relationships

  • Mindful Thoughts

  • Mindful Wellbeing

  • Attunement

  • Dealing with Difficult people

  • Developing positive relationships

  • Emotional Engagement

  • Impression Management

  • Body Language

  • Introduction to Influence/persuasion

  • Priming

  • Messaging

  • Power

  • Compliance Gaining

  • Strategizing

Key Features:

  • Evidence based training & Methodology

  • Personalised workbooks in each core ELATE area.

  • Assessments in key ELATE areas.

  • Engaging & Interactive classes.


You will learn

  • To lead with confidence, energy and vision.

  • To understand and manage your own and others emotions.

  • To be mindful and use its applications in related domains.

  • To build and maintain positive social relationships.

  • To be a top rate influencer and persuader.

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