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We conduct a six-month leadership Diploma 



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Persuasion Psychology

Positive Psychology


We empower you to design a life that is meaningful, engaging and flourishing.  We do this through training you in five key domains: Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Social Intelligence &

Persuasion Psychology. 

Upcoming Events
Information seminar-ELATE Courses
Sat, May 09
Location is TBD
May 09, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Location is TBD
This information seminar will introduce the ELATE Leadership Diploma. The intensive study programme involves completing 30 modules in six months. You learn the science of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, social intelligence and persuasion psychology.
Workshop in Positive Psychology
Fri, Jun 12
Location is TBD
Jun 12, 9:00 AM – Jun 13, 5:00 PM
Location is TBD
Join us in a two day intensive course in the science of happiness and wellbeing in life. You will learn over 40 wellbeing interventions and receive your own personalised flourishing workbook.
Workshop in Emotional Intelligence
Fri, Jun 26
Location is TBD
Jun 26, 7:00 PM – Jun 27, 9:00 PM
Location is TBD
Join us in a two day intensive course in Emotional Intelligence. You will learn over 30 strategies to enhance your emotional intelligence repertoire along with receiving your personalised EI workbook.
Workshop in Persuasion Psychology
Sat, Sep 12
Location is TBD
Sep 12, 9:00 AM – Sep 13, 9:00 PM
Location is TBD
Join us in an interactive workshop on the art and scientific of influence and persuasion. You will learn key strategies and techniques of power, compliance, perception, messaging and strategy. We cover six key modules over two days.
Workshop in Mindfulness
Sat, Oct 10
Location is TBD
Oct 10, 9:00 AM – Oct 11, 9:00 PM
Location is TBD
Join us in a two day intensive course in Mindfulness. You will learn more than 20 different mindfulness exercises during the course along with receiving a personalised mindfulness journal.
Workshop in Social Intelligence
Sat, Oct 31
Location is TBD
Oct 31, 9:00 AM – Nov 01, 4:00 PM
Location is TBD
Join us in our interactive and engaging two day intensive training course in Social Intelligence. You will learn practical skills in developing and maintaining strong social relationships. We cover six key modules over two consecutive days.

Meet our Team

Dr Adi Khan 


Founder/Lead Trainer

Doctorate-Organisational Leadership

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

(Ed.D, BCBA)

Dr. Stella Maris Orzuza

 Training Facilitator

Doctorate-Community Mental Health


Donald Macpherson

 Training Facilitator





IT Consultant

I found the workshop to be highly beneficial, the topics were relevant and practical. The structure and pace were also very good. I highly recommend the course.



Mexian Embassy

The course was very interesting and i was engaged throughout. It has particularly helped me to focus on my career and relationship goals.


CEO, Tazz Sports

I have learnt a lot from Adi, his  strategies were quite useful and have helped me in in gaining different perspectives towards things that are important in life.



I loved the training. I am applying the strategies at work and have received good feedback. I recommend the training to anyone interested in leadership.


Reservations Agent

Auckland Airport

I found the course helpful in many ways, it was relevant, engaging and practical in nature. I am glad i attended and will be enrolling in the EI course soon as well.


Training Facilitator

NZ Corrections

My experience of the course was excellent. The class was interactive and the strategies were very useful. I have been using them regularly with good results.


Office Manager

Ritches Transport

I had an amazing time attending the positive psychology course. The best thing was the combination of concepts and practical learning.  


           Team Member 

           Relay LS Travel

I enjoyed the training, the course was designed very well with research based material and ample opportunities for practice. I recommend the course to others.  



Mailing Address:

23 Winhall Rise

Remuera, Auckland

New Zealand, 1050

Phone No: 09 520 6541

Mobile: 64 022 0232036

Email: info@elationinstitute.org

Online School

Our online school is open 24/7. Simply enrol in a course. You will receive access to course videos and materials for six-weeks. After successful completion, you will receive a professional certificate.




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