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Workshop in Positive Psychology

shutterstock_Intensive Workshop in posit


The two day workshop in positive psychology provides participants with an evidence based and engaging learning experience in the science of happiness and wellbeing. The course covers the six essential elements of the “flourishing life,” and allows participants to apply powerful wellbeing interventions in their lives.


  • Positive Emotions

  • Flow/Engagement

  • Positive Relationships

  • Meaning in Life

  • Accomplishment in Life

  • Positive Health

Key Features:

  • Evidence based training 

  • Personalised flourishing workbook

  • Assessments in key areas of Positive Psychology

  • Engaging & Interactive training methodology


You will learn:

  • To be happier in the moment (experience more positive emotions).

  • To place yourself in the flow state.

  • To enhance, sustain and cherish your social relationships.

  • To create meaning and purpose in your life.

  • Strategies to accomplish your goals in your life.

  • How to incorporate interventions from positive psychology in your daily life.

  • To appreciate and cherish the important people in your life.

  • Key skills enabling you to design and enhance your life script.

  • How to teach strategies and tools from positive psychology to others.

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