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Workshop in Emotional Intelligence



The two day workshop in Emotional Intelligence is focused on teaching individuals practical EI skills that can readily be applied in life.  The workshop enables participants to build a powerful EI repertoire that can significantly lift performance in academics, work settings, social relationships, health, and wellbeing.


  • Introduction to EI

  • Self Awareness

  • Empathy

  • Motivation

  • Self Control

  • Resilience

Key Features:

  • Evidence based training

  • Assessments in key areas of EI

  • Personalised EI workbook

  • Engaging and interactive training methodology


You will learn:

  • To increase your self awareness and self esteem.

  • To be more self confident and secure in relationships

  • To use strategies to significantly increase your motivation.

  • To effectively deal with destructive emotions.

  • To recognising and managing Amygdala Hijacks.

  • To enhance success in academics and at work.

  • To enrich your social relationships.

  • To enhance your wellbeing in life.

  • To increase your emotional stability in life.

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