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Workshop in Persuasion Psychology

Intenstive workshop in Influence & persu


The two day workshop in Persuasion Psychology is aimed at enhancing personal influence, power, and self confidence. Participants are taught key strategies from the science of influence and persuasion to  motivate and influence themselves and others to behave in specific ways.


  • Introduction to Influence and Persuasion

  • Priming

  • Messaging

  • Power

  • Compliance Gaining

  • Strategizing


Key Features:

  • Evidence based learning

  • Personalised Influence & Persuasion workbook

  • Range of Influencing strategies & models

  • Engaging and interactive training

You will learn:

  • To persuade oneself/others to think differently.

  • To strategically influence others.

  • To prime people’s thoughts and emotions.

  • To enhance focus and attention.

  • To understand and use perception.

  • To understand and use power.

  • To get others to comply to your requests.

  • To strategize.

  • To change how people behave.

  • To be more self confident.

  • To be charismatic.

  • The art of messaging

  • How projection works.

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