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We are a group of practitioners in psychology, mental health and leadership who feel that traditional education mostly prepares individuals for a transactional approach in life, i.e. schools, colleges and universities prepare and develop individuals to attain achievement, progress and success in life, yet, critically important elements of life such as happiness, satisfaction, emotional stability, social skills, resilience and wellbeing are missing from the curriculum’s of even the best institutions. Thus, although, people attain goals and positions in life, often, these come at the expense of other, more important aspects of the great life, such as love, family, friends, meaning, joy and self fulfilment. 


The Elation Institute  addresses this gap in learning by empowering people through teaching them evidence based strategies in positive psychology, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, influence and persuasion skills, and mindfulness. Together, the five core domains form the ELATE program.

The acronym, ELATE stands for:

E-Elevation through Emotional Intelligence
L-Levity through Mindfulness
A-Achievement through Persuasion Psychology
T-Thrill through Social Intelligence
E-Elation through Positive Psychology

Developed by the founder of the Elation Institute, Dr Adnan Khan: ELATE is predicated on research that has shown that the  ELATE core domains are strongly associated with better health, positive social relationships, higher self esteem, enhanced self confidence, greater compassion, empathy and wellbeing in life.

We believe that through learning and regularly practicing key skills from the ELATE program, people can significantly enhance their positive emotion, social relationships, accomplishments and wellbeing in life enabling them to live truly flourishing lives.

We have three training pathways: Intensive Workshops, Professional Certificates and our signature ELATE Leadership Diploma which involves attaining expertise in all five ELATE core domains. 


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