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Positive Psychology Professional Certifi

Workshop in Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the science of happiness wellbeing and flourishing in life. Our workshop in Positive psychology cover six key modules over two days.

Intensive Workshop in Social Intelligenc

Workshop in Social Intelligence

Social intelligence involves developing and maintaining positive social relationships.Our workshop in SI covers six key modules over two days.


Workshop in Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence involves using one's emotions to enhance self awareness, resilience and performance. Our workshop in EI covers six key modules over two days.

Influence & Persuasion skills slider.jpg

Workshop in Persuasion Psychology

Persuasion Psychology involves learning influence, power, messaging and compliance. The workshop covers six modules over two days. 


Workshop in Mindfulness


Mindfulness involves staying in and appreciating the present moment without judgement. Our workshop in mindfulness  covers six key modules over two days.  

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