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Workshop in Mindfulness



The two day workshop in  mindfulness is focused on teaching participants mindfulness practice through a holistic view that involves being mindful of emotions, thoughts, relationships, health and wellbeing. Participants are taught core principles and practice through a variety of mindfulness techniques.


  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Mindful Awareness

  • Mindful Emotions

  • Mindful Relationships

  • Mindful Thoughts

  • Mindful Wellbeing

Key Features:

  • Evidence based training

  • Wide range of Mindfulness practices

  • Personalised Mindfulness Journal

  • Engaging and interactive training methodology

You will learn:

  • To be attentive to the present moment.

  • To enjoy the present moment.

  • The basics of mindfulness meditation.

  • To adopt an attitude of non judgment.

  • How to eat mindfully.

  • How to walk mindfully.

  • How to practice mindful Yoga.

  • How to overcome negative thoughts.

  • How to overcome negative emotions.

  • To effectively manage stress in your life.

  • Understand and engage with yourself.

  • How to practice compassion meditation.

  • How to use mindfulness to enhance your health.

  • To be mindful in relationships.

  • How to use mindfulness to enhance wellbeing.

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