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Three steps to staying happier in the moment

Updated: May 29, 2019

Enhance your daily dose of positivity by assimilating these three steps in your

  1. Enhance your awareness of the present moment

A general awareness of mindfulness has exploded in the public arena since the last few years, but regular mindful practice still remains hard to accomplish for people trying to manage work, family and other commitments. Recent research has revealed that even a few seconds of mindful awareness, can make one more appreciative and more present to what's happening around them. Not only does this enhance a positive vibe, it also changes focus from what may have been negative thoughts percolating in the mind to those that concentrate fully on what's happening in the environment at that moment. For some people, this sudden change of attention may be all they need for a shift in mood.

2. Focus on your senses

Another strategy is use one's senses to deepen focus. This can be used a wide range of ways, you could try using one sense at a time or several together. I would suggest using one sense at a time to increase savouring in the moment. Lets say, you pick a flower, the first thing to do would be keep it on a solid object such as a table, putt on some good ear muffs and close your eyes. Then sniff away!!! Focusing on senses is a great way to enhance positivity as your attention is now focused on an object. This isn't a passive exercise either, you are in tune with moment as you are involved in doing an activity, in this case smelling the flower.

3. Practice Mindfulness with a friend

Contrary to what a lot of people think, mindfulness is not necessarily a solitary pursuit. One can be as mindful at a rock concert as meditating in a zen garden. It all depends on what you are being mindful about. Similar to the benefits of going to the gym with a partner, mindfulness enhances positive emotion when practiced with someone else. The closer that someone is to you emotionally, the better it is. So, if are looking for a burst of in the moment happiness: hold your friends hand and ask them to close their eyes along with yours, then just pause for a few seconds, just appreciating the moment. These seconds can at times change relationships, the positive emotion you both will feel in these moments is at best a very healthy side affect.

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